Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy birthday to me.

I'm BACK from vacation!

Bffshwtng and I got back around 1:30 a.m. July the 3rd, AKA. MY BIRTHDAY!

Of course I opened my presents in the car at midnight exactly.

And we slept to refresh ourselves, maybe trying to catch up on the many zzz's we lost throughout the trip (Um, 5:30 bedtime after 1D?) but ultimately failing as we were wide awake at 6:45 a.m.
My mom made us breakfast, which was so delicious because (A) my mom made it (B) First homemade breakfast in a week.
Then lounging around until my FREE movie Despicable Me 2.
Which was probably the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.
Lunch, dad got home (HUUUGSS. "I MISSED YOU!").


Yep. Good day.

Other presents?
Well, my room for one. It's all painted, I have a new walk in closet...
All that's left is a desk, putting my clothes away, mirror, organizing my books...
PHOTOS coming soon because the transformation is... wow.

Yeah, then we watched the rest of Downton Abbey Season 3


Monday, May 27, 2013

It almost rained and then it didn't

Okay. So Bffshwtng and I finally got together to just hang out this week.
We were supposed to have a whole slew of fun on Monday with a photoshoot and all, but.... like the rest of the week, it rained. We had about 5 or 6 days of straight rain and gloominess that would put the happiest of lads in a depression.
My depression mostly comes from the fact that my SKIN hasn't seen the light of day in QUITE A LONG FEW MONTHS. 
And also I was recovering from a *cough cough* sickness.

Anyway, on Thursday she came over for our usual day and we watched  Alice, the lovely little series where I discovered my first I Fancy Friday. Andrew-Lee Potts. 
Then we went out a did a photoshoot and chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn inside a pie crust (delicious!)

So, here are some of our {FRIENDSHIP PHOTOS}

My beautiful SARAH (:



Monday, May 13, 2013


I am Free from USM until next fall. where I have 5 classes INCLUDING choir <3 p="">

I'm finally getting around (A month and a half later) to posting the wedding pictures simply because school and work has taken up my whole life. But I am done. Free.

So here are the wedding pictures.
 I got to walk my mom down the aisle.

 I got to cry my eyes out when my mom sang the same song she sang at their wedding in 1988 (I think)

 The Sand Ceremony where we all (Me, all the Exchange siblings, and mum and dad) put our favorite colors to represent everyone. It turned out like....

I'm the bright pink on the mid-bottom in between the dark and bright red.

Just after this I broke my toe (ALMOST HEALED!)

My sisters Estefany and Anne.

 All the siblings minus Jiyeon (:

 The Wedding party


Cousins. And princesses. By birth :D

Me and daddy during out father daughter dance :)

See? Finally got around to it.
AND with it being the summer and all, check back more often because I'm hoping to reinstate I Fancy Friday, a little bit of random writings, and of COURSE the adventures of me and my best friends this summer.

SummerVacationLove & Smiles,

Monday, April 8, 2013

SIBLING SPRING BREAK: Meet my "siblings"

So I don't know if many people are truly aware that I am an only child by birth.
But I also have 7 siblings (almost 8)

The Sun Journal may or may not have done an article about us.
I may or may not be quoted.

 FIRST. See (most) of them all together. In the actual family that visited, we are only missing Silvia in this picture.

Now, here's Anne.
I call her Anne Montana.
I am Natasha Swarovski.

Estefany and Tom.

Estefany (again.)


Anne. Me. UYEN.

And all the 'siblings' minus me together~!

 Trust me. There's more.
Just wait until my next Post about the Wedding.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Favorite Albums of my 18 years Fabulous 7

In preparation for the 2013 Summer Roadtrip with Bffshwtng (Booked our hotels! Possess both our One Direction and Newsies tickets! SO EXCITED!) I've been thinking a lot about music.
A lot of this has to do with my obsession with mixed cds.
Yes, I mean obsession. 
I am constantly thinking about what songs go with what theme.
And a lot of the themes match the tone of my favorite bands/albums.
Most notably Boys Like Girls, because they are my favorite. band. ever. 

Anyway, to be a favorite album of mine, you need to be near-perfect, if not flawless.
Meaning, there's not one song on these albums that I skip over because they are all so magical and amazing.


1. Boys like Girls, Boys like Girls
2. Hunter Hayes, Hunter Hayes 
3.The Cab, Symphony Soldier
4. One Direction, Up All Night
5. This Providence, Who are you now?
6. This Century, Sound of Fire
7. Cute is What We Aim For, Rotation


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Scary Thing Happened on the way to My House

So, Casey and I went to the movies.
I haven't cried at one of his movies in a while.

Then we went to Chilis and the mall (I'm officially stopping shopping to save for the 2013 roadtrip) and home.

So we're driving.... driving... Hunter Hayes is on the cd player and it's NOT SNOWING AT ALL, okay?
So the guy in front of my is going about 20 miles an hour in a 45 and I'm like, "Casey, I am going to pass him." And she's like, "He's really slow. Do it."

Here's what it looked like.

And while it's happening, Casey's like, "LESLIE. SLOW DOWN."
And I reply very calmly while trying to regain control of the car, "I can't."

And... then we stopped the car, got out and attempted pushing.

A lady stopped and helped us after about 15 minutes of chilling in the snow.
Sharon. We love you. 
We called AAA, only 2 more people stopped.
The woman whose house we landed at FINALLY came out after an hour...
The police showed up (A passerbyer called)

My first instinct? Hands up. I'm getting arrested.

They asked me if I had anything to drink.
of course, being as naive as I am, I almost answered,
"Well... I am kind of thirsty. I haven't had anything in a while."
Glad I didn't!

Then we got towed out and went on our way (slowly) home.



Friday, February 22, 2013

Mama Hen, Three Little Chicks, and a Gordon Adventure

So, Bffshwtng, Casey and I headed up to Gordon to see Kirstin.
We finally celebrated Casey's birthday.
(Even though I forgot her gift at home...)

Our first stop was lunch with Seth, Matt, and Rachel.

Then we went to the beach?
yeah. the beach.
I wouldn't recommend it.
It's very cold.

I kind of realized something this day.
I am the MAMA HEN.
I always pack extra snacks: water. cheese snacks. Applesauce (sometimes I forget spoons) 
 I always make arrangements. Planned the day, planning the roadtrip, planning concerts.
I am the one who speaks to strangers (coffee people. I order. I give the host our name. Ask for directions  with no shame)
I am so proud of you for putting the reservation in under MY name. 
Even though Ki looks at everyone and is like, "Who's gonna do it. She can't speak."
 I am always the designated driver of long days, watching my little chicks sleeping in the rearview mirror.
I always do the math: Gas. Tip. Separating equally...

Yes. And I have THREE little chicks.

The adventurous one. Up for anything, dances to her own tune.

The troublemaker.
This face kind of says it all.
"Where's Kirstin?" is something I ask every time I turn my head and she has disappeared. 

When the waiter was calling for tables (we had been waiting for a while now)
and said, "Mike for 4?"
Ki taps him on the shoulder and says, "Did you ask for mike?"
"Well... we're not him. hehehehehe."
So cute.

My right hand chick.
Most likely nominated "Mommy's Girl" and sweetest.

 This is the "model" face

Cartwheel or eating dirt?

Let's just take in how my skin matches Ki's scarf and my jacket.
Irish Complexion problems.

There's this article that I loooove that kind of explains it all.
"Let's begin with complexion. People try to be nice by calling our skin "fair" but we all know what they really mean is "frighteningly pale." Many thousands of years ago, a man named Patrick O'Haloran saw a glass of milk sitting on the table. "Hmmm," thought Patrick, "I sure wouldn't mind breeding with that lil' lass over there." After a few months the glass of pure white milk gave birth to a little baby with pure white skin like the milk and many small brown spots like its father. And so was born the Irish complexion: milky, sickly white with freckles everywhere"
"And don't think that this skin takes well to sun. Ireland is a cloudy, cold little island so, when the Irish were transplanted to America, we invented the first sunburn. But a burn is not really what it is. Sure, it turns red for a few minutes, but it really should be called a sun-peel, because that is exactly what happens. If you ever want to know what it feels like to actually shed an entire layer of skin at once, be Irish for a day in the summer. We're like snakes except nobody wants to make boots out of us"

Let us recall the day that I floated in the lake for a small amount of time.
Blisters. Pain.
And see where it gets REALLY red by the lace?
I STILL have a permanent tan line there (even thought there's no tan...) because of how much I peeled off.

I'm not even 100  % Irish.
But it's like the only part of my lineage that actually arrived on my skin.

Anyway. That was a tangent...

My three best friends

Then we went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory 
Spent a million dollars between there are forever 21

Funny story. 
This isn't staged.
This is me trying to Charade (Get the Waitress)

So... her birthday was January 31, but it we were celebrating. So... Yeah.
ki also told them she was 13. hahaha.

This is what heaven looks like.

 Saw these guys in the mall.
Why not?

I know my face is hilarious. 
"C'mon C'mon"  came on in Delias.
So obviously I jumped on the seating area and started dancing.

This is better (:

I love us SO MUCH.

Then we went back and hung out with Josh for a little and ate mozzarella sticks.
Then left, listening to old schools Boys Like Girls on the way home.

Dropped everyone off.
Rolled into bed around 1 am.

Yup. Good trip.

ChildrenLove & Smiles,