Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Boys I want to Date before I get Married fabulous 7

Originally posted June-22-2011
Updated October-7-2011

1) Chace Crawford.

2) Someone with an Irish accent. Preferably, someone named Damian on the show "The Glee Project"
3) Someone named Max.

 But ones that work at Hannaford and/or Starbucks would be alright too :)

4) A true southern gentleman.
^Kent is from Ohio. Let's pretend I don't know where the states are.

(Oh, and Chace Crawford fits here too...He's from Plano, Texas)
AND YES Justin it's also where he was arrested at the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME!

5) Someone British.
Prince Harry would work.

Aaron Johnson. YES.

Someone named Charlie, Max, or Andrew works too :)

6)Someone that's a drummer and/or lead singer in a band.

John and Cameron.

7) Someone with tattoos.
Adam Levine. Nick Santino.
John O'Callaghan also fit into this category.
Only men I've ever seen with sexy arm tattoos.

I love boys & Smiles,