Friday, July 29, 2011

I fancy {The boys of Wizards of Waverly Place} Friday

One Brit. One American.
One werewolf. One beasttamer.
Both adorable.
Who to choose?
This is.

Gregg Sulkin vs. Nick Roux
We'll start with Gregg.

I love his dimples.
He's British.
Starred in "Avalon High" the Disney Channel movie based on the book. (Not a terrible movie for Disney!I've seen lamer)

Half of the couple "Malex"

Seriously? Malex? Lame. They could have been Aleson. Much cuter :)
Anyway, he plays a werewolf and has a sliiight temper problem.

Next is Nick.
Nicholas Edward Roux, awww. Cauute!
He's not British (downfall)
I love his smile.(Clearly not shown in this picture!) His hair. His eyes.(Because they squint when he's happy!)

He doesn't have a couple name.
But he's equally as cute with Alex.
He's a beasttamer and tames... well, he tames beasts! :)

Who do you think wins this battle?
The Dimpleboy? Or the EverythingElseboy?

Fridayboylove & Smiles,

Friday, July 22, 2011

I fancy {Andrew Lee Potts} Friday

Today I watched a movie.
Anyone seen Alice?
Mainly because ah-this-guy-eah.
No, not Johnny Depp, silly!
Andrew Lee Potts!
(I found a British Andrew, I found a British Andrew. WHOO!)

Aka: "The Hatter" in the Syfy mini-series Alice.
He's adorable, he's witty, he's charming, he has little quirks.
Reminds me of BLG's Martin Johnson.
But cuter.
And British.
I'll take his TopHat anyday :)

I now love Fridays& Smiles,