Friday, September 23, 2011

I'll remember{Andrew Jackson} Friday.

No. Not the President.
Today, I am not doing an I fancy Friday Post.
I went into school late this morning.
And after I got there, everyone was a wreck.
A student who graduated two years ago; one of my friends.
He died this morning.

The underclassman didn't understand why the Seniors were so sad.
Andrew Jackson, you were the ultimate Super Fan.

You were a member of our school's community, and no matter how much you got in trouble. Everyone still loved you.
You were important to choir, football, and almost everyone you met.
And I'll never forget District II auditions 2009.
And I'll never forget High School Musical.

For those of you who don't go to my school, and who didn't know Andrew, just remember someone that made the thought of dying very surreal for you.
No one is invincible, but make your legacy known to ensure you're not invisible.

Jackson, we'll miss you.
But we'll never forget.

Sadness & unsmiles,

Friday, September 16, 2011

I fancy{Chace Crawford} Friday

So... this will not be hard to blog about.
Chace is my dream man(despite the whole... "arrest" thing)

He's tall.
He's gorgeous.
He's... well he's Christopher Chace Crawford.
The Triple C!
The... man. Look at him :D

He's one of the only men that can pull of scruff without it being scruff.
He looks good clean shaven.
Even his mug shot is beautiful.

I have a sick obsession with him.

However... he likes football. Alot.
I mean, it makes sense, especially since his sister just married Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.

Gossip Girl, The Covenant, and The Haunting of Molly Hartley?
I haven't seen Twelve, yet, but... I want to. Wicked bad.

I won't say anymore...
Just... pictures.

Chace Crawford.
i love you.

ChaceCrawford and Smiles,

Monday, September 12, 2011

{Manuscript} Monday is back!

Guys. I know.
It's been... like 11 days since my last writing post, so... I will give you the ENTIRE chapter(chapter 4) AHEAD of blog time: 7 days.
If... you email me with a request for it at my email on the ----> side somewhere there.

Until then...
Here is chapter 4.
Oh! AND!
I thought I'd show you what I think Sam looks like.
A mixture of the real Sam that I originated this book from(AllState Jazz!),
John O'Callaghan, and Beau Mirchoff

Let me know who YOU think Sam looks like via celebrity world!
Chapter 4
       It only took a few weeks until I realized Sam had a little temper problem. It would be little things that would piss him off, and I could see his face get red and the steam about to blow. I could tell he was trying to control it for my sake. Every time he would get mad at a waitress for being too slow, a car cutting him off, or something else not going exactly his way, he would apologize for being so short fused. But, I pushed it aside. He was too perfect in other areas, so he had to have a fault. Apparently having a short temper was one of them.

                                    *                                  *                                  *
            “What the fuck is her problem?” he asked me one day while we were at a gig in New York. “Is she fucking deaf?!” he barked. It’s not like she could actually hear him, some band called The Parking Lot was playing some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. “And what the fuck is wrong with this band? Is it me or do they suck?”
“No, Sam, they do suck. But seriously, babe, calm down. The waitress will be here when she gets here; it’s not a big deal.”
“I know,” he blushed. “Sorry,”
“There you are!” Kendall came over with her long legs and short skirt. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” She had a cosmo in her hand and was sipping.
“Hey Kendall,” I waved. This time I made sure I wore the proper clothes to The New York Underground. I wasn’t going to be in a ball gown like last time. This time I had on a little blue dress that wasn’t so short it was skanky, but short enough so that I wouldn’t be allowed to wear it in school. Sam told me I looked really good, and so did Kendall and Steph when I saw them.
“Are you playing tonight?” she asked.
“Yeah, but just waiting for Brooke’s friends right now.” He turned to me. “Where are they, anyway?”
“I have no idea. I don’t keep track of them all the time.”
Sam rolled his eyes and pulled me closer as a few guys walked by and checked me out. He hated when guys did this, but he rarely said anything. He would always just pull me closer and whisper, “Why do you have to be so beautiful?”
I kissed his cheek and felt my phone buzzing in my chest. That was just about the only place to keep my phone when I was wearing a dress this tight.

Anna: Hey, where are you?
Brooke: Inside. Where are you?
Anna: Outside. We’re at the roof and we told them we’re with you and Sam but they won’t let us in.
Brooke: Be right there.

I turned to Sam. “I’m going to get Anna and Brian; I’ll be right back, okay?” I kissed him once and he let go of my hand as I walked away. I could feel him staring as I walked backstage and went to go talk to Brock. “Hey,” one of the guys that was about to play called. I turned around and was face to face with a guy with just about every inch of him tattooed. He had snake bite piercings and an eyebrow ring. “I’m Nate.”
“Brooke,” I said, looking around for Brock. He wasn’t near the door and I couldn’t open it unless he gave me the okay. I knew I had to be careful around here because I didn’t want to get Sam in trouble, which would get the band in trouble, which would mean I would be in trouble.
“How are you doing?” Nate asked.
“Pretty good. Have you seen Brock?” I asked him. Seriously, where was he?
“Nah,” he was tuning his guitar. “Where you from, Brooke?”
“Um, Winchester, Mass.” I said. I felt Nate give me the once over and smile. I was instantly creeped out. Finally Brock came back and saw me standing there. “Brooke! I was just looking for you.” He said. He was an enormous black guy that worked as a bouncer/security head at a few of the city’s most happening places. Over the last few weeks, The Debate had come here one other time, so that the boys could talk to Steph’s dad about their ‘future’. So, we had had lunch with the staff, letting me to get to know them better and by name. “There are two kids out there that say they’re with you and Sam. I didn’t know if they were or not. Come and check?”
“Yeah,” he opened the door and Anna and Brian were waiting. “They’re with us,” I smiled at him. They looked freezing.  It was late March, but that didn’t mean New York or Massachusetts knew that. It was still only fifty degrees outside on a hot day. And the night wasn’t as forgiving. It was about eighteen degrees and raining, so I’m glad there was an awning outside the roof entrance.
“Hey Bee!” Anna hugged me.
“Hey guys,”
Nate smiled at me, watching me walk away, and Anna noticed. Her blue eyes widened. “That guy just checked you out.”
“No he did not.”
“Yes he did! He wanted you.”
“Unfortunately for him, my boyfriend’s here.” I smiled and led them to Sam and Kendall. They were now located at the bar, talking to Steph. This was the first time Anna and Brian came here to see The Debate play. But none of the guys were here besides Sam. “Oh and thanks for saying hello.” I smacked Brian on the arm playfully.
“Sorry, I was just looking around.”
Sam saw us coming and brightened up. He pulled me into him for a hug. “I thought you had left me,”
“As if.” I turned to Kendall. “Kendall, Steph, these are my best friends Anna and Brian. Guys, this is Kendall and Steph.”
“Kendall,” Brian turned the charm on. “So you’re the one who turned Brooke into Cinderella.”
She smiled. “That would be me. I’m a student at Parsons.” She said. “And Brooke was the perfect model.”
“I’m sure you were the perfect designer.”
Anna and I gagged at Brian trying to win over Kendall. I didn’t think those tanned legs and blonde hair would fall for a guy like Brian (even though he was adorably handsome). But apparently, the charm was working, because Kendall and Brian got a drink from Steph and went to go talk at a booth in the corner.
The awful band that was playing before finally ceased making my ears bleed and left the stage. The next band started setting up. “Finally!” Sam yelled with relief. “That band fucking sucked.”
Steph nodded her head. “I don’t know why my dad lets them play. They are truly one of the worst I’ve seen.”
Poor Anna looked completely out of place. “Anna, want something?” I asked.
“Yeah, a cute boyfriend.”
“Well there are plenty of guys around here! Go get one!”
“I think I’ll stay with you.”
“Anna, relax. You look like you have a stick shoved up your ass. Let loose and have some fun!”
“I will, I promise. Just not now.”
I rolled my eyes. “You can’t plan fun.”
“Anna, want to help me?” Steph asked.
“Help you what?”
“Tend to people. It’s pretty fun. One of our waitresses cut out, so I can pay you if you work tonight.”
“Yeah, come on back. I’ll show you the ropes.”
She smiled at me and went behind the bar. It was just me and Sam now. I sat on his lap while he was sitting on the stool and kissed his cheek. We watched the band set up and I saw Nate get up in front of the crowd. He looked at everyone and said, “Hey, we’re Immaculate Conception; let’s get rolling with ‘Drum roll’.”
They had a power punk/rock thing going on. And Nate’s voice was the gruff kind of mix between Daughtry, Nickleback, and David Strauchman. Nothing compared to Charlie’s voice, but not as terrible as The Parking Lot’s lead singer Joey. In fact, the band probably thought they had those three voices too, because they happened to play Daughtry and Nickleback covers. 
Charlie and the boys showed up and greeted everyone happily. . Neither she or Brian had heard the boys play except at the Wedding, so even though they had that brief introduction once, they didn’t really know them.
“Hey, can I get you boys something to drink?” she asked.
“A tall glass of you,” Charlie smoothly said in his smooth accent. I still hadn’t figured out where he was from. He sounded a little bit like Aaron Johnson when he played John Lennon in Nowhere Boy, but a little bit like when he played Robbie in Angus, Thongs, and perfect Snogging. And that was mixed with a little trace of something I couldn’t figure out.
Anna blushed and I smacked his arm, “Leave Anna alone.”
“I don’t mind, Bee,” she smiled.
“Sorry, Anna. Can I just have water? I can’t drink before I sing, it makes me squeal.”
Sam laughed in agreement with the rest of the band. “That is very true. Remember the time that you got wasted before that show in Vermont?”
“Sure. Everyone else?” she finished taking the order of four waters and brought them back quickly. Charlie asked me, “Are you guys coming with us after the show?”
I looked at Sam and he shrugged. “Whatever my girl wants.”
“Come eat with us, Brooke. You’ll have fun. Bring Anna too,”
“And Brian?”
“Sure! We’ll have a get together.”
“Cool. Sounds like a plan.”
After Immaculate Conception finished the song they played by Daughtry, Nate put the mic to his mouth. “Now, there’s a pretty girl out there I’d like to play this for. Brooke from Winchester, Mass, this one’s for you.”
He started playing ‘Girl like That’ by Every Avenue.
Oh shit.
My eyes went wide in horror and as I could see, so were everyone else’s eyes. I could see the confusion on Sam’s face and then… the smoke. Oh shit. He looked at me for an explanation, “What’s the hell is he talking about?”
“When I was looking for Anna and Brian he was backstage. He was a total creeper and that’s all I said to him, I swear. Apparently he doesn’t realize I’m here with you.” I said, hoping this would suffice.
He let out a huge breath through his nose and let out some anger. But it was getting obvious with every lyric Nate sang, that Sam was thinking harder and harder and getting angrier and angrier. “It’s fine,” he finally said, but I knew it wasn’t. “It’s just fine.”
“I promise nothing happened. He just checked me out and I didn’t respond.”
“Brooke. It’s. Fine.”
But he broke away from my hand for a second. His left eyebrow twitched as he thought, and finally he grabbed my waist and pulled me into a deep kiss. Clearly, this was for territorial purposes, so that every guy around would know I was with him. Steph said something to Charlie and Charlie tapped his shoulder. “I’m all for the love, but Jesus Christ, calm down. We’ve got to go set up, Sammy.” Sam broke away and nodded. I stood and so did he, but he didn’t let go of my hand. Apparently I was going back stage too.
He brought me up with him and the boys all tuned backstage As Nate got off stage, Sam pulled me into another deep kiss just to show off. I couldn’t say that I minded, because Sam was such a good kisser. But it felt weird being used to show that I belonged to someone. As Sam kissed me and I told him good luck, Sam passed Nate on his way and whispered something. Nate nodded and looked at me, then quickly walked away.
I went back to the bar to see the boys play and Brian and Kendall were back. “Are you guys going to dinner with us?” I asked.
“I guess so.” He said. “You in?” he asked Kendall.
“Yeah, sure.”
The boys got on stage and everyone cheered for them. They were the night’s Featured Act, so they had the longest set to do. I think they could do like fifteen songs, while all the other acts could only do seven. And that also meant that if the crowd really liked them and were listening, they could go on as long as they wanted.
They rocked, and Sam sang three of the songs. I know he looked for me when he sang them, and I melted. Kendall said, “He’s really good.”
“I know; I don’t even know how. I can’t sing at all, so I guess he has to be good for the both of us,” I smiled.
“He got better when he met you.”
“No way,”
“No seriously. Before he sang the songs and they were good, but now he sings the songs and their really good. I think it’s because he sings them to you.”
“Stop,” I must have blushed from head to toe.
“She’s right.”Steph agreed.
Sam finished up a cover of Every Avenue and Charlie started charming the crowds. “Hello there. I’m Charlie. We’re The Debate. I hope you’re enjoying your evening at The New York Underground, but we’re gonna have to finish up soon and head on home.” The crowd booed and Charlie laughed. “Settle down, people. So, we’re gonna end by serenading you with ‘Hero/Heroine’ and then end the night with ‘Give a Damn’. I must warn you; this first song is dedicated to Sam’s lovely girlfriend Brooke. She seems popular tonight, yeah? So grab that someone you love and dance your little souls out. Here we go.” And off went Derek, starting off the song and Sam coming in with the drums. I actually loved this song. Sam got to sing my favorite part where Martin Johnson sings, “You caught me off guard/now I’m running and screaming” and the backups to the rest. And it was really good. Like, they were amazing.
Finally, when Charlie sang ‘Give a Damn’ people went crazy. It was exactly his style and he got to be a little theatrical with his facial expressions. I would give them nine out of ten stars if I was reviewing them. Everyone was jumping around and singing along, especially when Charlie went nuts and went around trying to get the crowd to sing the song too. It worked. When they were finished, you couldn’t hear a bomb explode because it was so loud from all the screaming.
I made my way backstage and ran into Sam’s arms and kissed him. “You guys were awesome.”
“Lovebirds cut that out, will you? I want to pack up and leave.” Charlie said. I just smiled and kept kissing Sam, tugging at the hair at the back of his neck. “Let’s go!” Charlie yelled again. We separated, smiling, and Sam said to wait out in the lounge for them. A lot of people had already left, so Anna and Steph were behind the bar cleaning up and Kendall and Brian were looking cozy together.

We all drove back to Boston for four hours in our separate cars; Charlie and the rest of the guys in a van. Anna, Brian, and Kendall in Brian’s car, and me and Sam in the impala. We met back at Sam’s apartment. I hadn’t been here yet. We actually arrived first; Sam had gotten a lot more comfortable around me, so he drove a little faster when he could. “So this is home,” I said when he unlocked the door and it opened to a nice sized flat. It was mostly brick on the inside and it wasn’t too messy, just what you’d normally see when five guys live together.
“Yeah, this is home.”
“I like it.”
“Get comfy.”
“How many beds do you guys have?”
“Two. Whoever puts the most into rent gets the bedrooms. So, me and Derek get them. But Derek only works hard for the bedroom so he can have his girlfriends over.” Sam winked. He worked as a part-time mechanic during the week so he could pay for other things besides rent. He didn’t really have a choice; Boston was an expensive place to live, even though I knew his dad helped him out a lot.
I sat on the couch and Sam sat with me. “Charlie’s wicked slow, so I don’t even know when they’ll be back.”
“What time is it?”
“Uh, almost five.”
“God, I’m tired.”
“Are you hungry?”
“No. Just exhausted.”
“Me too; want to go to bed?”
“Come on.”
He took my hand and led me to his bedroom that was bigger than I expected, but still quite small. The brick was in here too, and he had his bed all messed up. I collapsed on the bed and he got on the other side and chuckled, pulling the covers up over me. He slid in beside me and I cuddled into his chest and closed my eyes. “Brooke?” he asked.
“Can you not wear that dress when we go out?”
“Mmm, why?”
“I don’t like the way the guys were looking at you.”
I smiled to myself; he was protecting me, and it was cute.
“Okay, Sammy?”

Iloveyouall & Smiles,

Friday, September 9, 2011

I fancy{Cameron Leahy} Friday

Cameron  Leahy
(Pronounced Kam-er-en Lay-hee)
(I pronounce it with a laugh, lee-he-he-he)
AlsoKnownAs: The lead singer of one me and Bffshwtng's favorite bands, The Downtown Fiction
^ He's the cute one in the middle( Not that the other members of the band aren't cute too)

Now... I think that Cameron is almost perfect looking.
I mean... his eyes. *swoon*

And he likes penguins! I looove penguins.
If I had one I would name him Charlie.
If it was a her, well... she's be... Charlie.

And... okay, he has perfect hair  too. It's disgusting.
He used to have girl hair.
Longer than mine.
I'm glad he cut it.
Oh, and is it me, or does he remind me of a vampire?
Yes, and when asked about it on his Formspring(haha. Formspring... LeslieOMG, btdubbs)
He answered, "Pale and proud." and also to the question of being a vampire. "Well I am pale... and I do feed on the blood of human beings. So yes."
Oooh, Cameron.

Oh, and he can sing.
I mean, duh, he's in a band.
But he can SING.
Like... make your heart melt sing.
While continuing having awesome hair.

So... yes, I happen to adore Cameron.
And according to his Formspring, he happens to adore everyone too.
Yes, Cameron, we love you.
CameronLee-he-he-helove & Smiles,