Sunday, April 22, 2012

13 The Musical Part II: Sitz

Woohoo! Another Sunday post!
I seriously apologize for the delay here... I'm getting lazy.

This was Sitz with Orchestra. It took a few long hours of waiting around and some pictures being taken of other people. Plus, Casey and I saw The Lorax(so that photoshoot will be up soon too!)

Yep, here are most of the cast including: Luke, Casey, me, Courtney, Amber, Matti, McKayla, Drew, Kyleigh, Patterson, Michael, Katy, Mikayla, Tom, Bffshwtng, Avery, Tyler, and Ashley (:

Soo... yep&Smiles,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Welcome to...
(This Blog was made possible by Casey's hard uploading while I cleaned!)

Courtney <3

Me & Casey!

 Kissing turtles are adorable <3

 Chris, Courtney, SLopez, & Kirstin!

 Mikayla & Alex!

Luke & Kali


 Dylan & mini Dylan (Aka Alex)

 Tyler & Kirstin...

Still making music together

Casey, me, & Bffshwtng!

AH! Shark attack!

I saw snakes.... crocs.... sharks... all my dream pets <3

 ROLLERCOASTERS! My FAVORITE was The Griffon with Apollo's Chariot coming in at a close second. (:

Chillen with Jacob and Kirstin!

Casey and Drew, awww!

 Funtimeswithchoir & Smiles,
Leslie & Casey