Friday, June 29, 2012

I fancy{Niall Horan} Friday

As you may all know.
I live, breathe, and sing One Direction.
Over vacation, in our rental car, we listened to their wonderful Album about a million times. For my dad, that's a lot.
But... it's them.

This is a 3-part I Fancy.
Next week, Zayn and Louis.

So, We'll start with my boy.
I love them all, but... Niall James Horan.
Nialler <3

Um... let's think about how many of my The Boys I want to date before I get Married Fabulous 7 are checked off with this kid.

2. Someone Irish.
6. Someone in a band.


Oh, and unlike my wonderful, yet, young cousin who loves them so much.
He is my age.

I realize I'm delusional, but... this "dream" of mine has led me to start a new novel.
Called, The President's Club

Anyway, Niall.
Always the odd one out.
Has a brother.
Not British.
Oh well, he's adorable.

And he's always hungry.
I love food too.

One of my favorite things is the "Niall Challenge"
where you forget about your diet for a whole week and eat whatever you want.
Ha! What diet? I already do that.

I had to reblog this.
It's so true.

Signature Style.
Red polo. Red polo. Red polo.

1 out of 5 amazing boys.
I can't wait to blog next week!

NiallerLove & Smiles,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a wonderful day.

Monday, Casey and I went to Freeport (Our favorite place to see a movie) and had a grand old time.
Note.I know it seems tedious to some that we take lots of pictures of ourselves.
But this is what we love to do.
I love photography and being creative.

Anyway, rant over.
We saw Taylor.
Quick Story. I went to orientation at USM last Thursday and Friday and met some Great people like Taylor, Margo, Mallory, Patrick, Ashley, and Garrett*

Technically, Taylor saw us. Because we were crossing something off of our Bucket List.
Dance on Top of a vehicle in the pouring rain. CHECK.
And it was even One Direction.

We saw Brave.
So good. Go and see it. Right now.

Then we took the usual photos.
BUT! I spent a little extra time on Picnic this time.

 See? We had a great day.
We ate at Johnny Rockets.
Predictable? Yes.
Delicious? Yes.

BacktoNormalLife & Smiles,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Sunday Reunion.

On Sunday, my family had an unusual get together.
My oldest cousins Alisha and Angela from out of state came to visit.
Which means they brought their kids!
Whoa. Party.
I know what you're thinking... "There are two of them. There can't be that many."
Ha! Between the two of them, I have 10 second cousins.
Which is AWESOME.

Anyway, we went up to a house in the middle of no where and had a fantastic day out by the water and in the wilderness (sort of)

The Greenery was mesmerizing. 

Cool Ginger Ale on a Warm Afternoon by Veronica when she played with Niall.
Note. My Ipod Lola had her life taken from her so fast.
Mum accidental washed and dried her.
Thus, new Ipod named Niall.
With a new case. Red with white polka dots.

My GORGEOUS cousin Laura (top) and Michaela(bottom)

The lighting in the shadows was actually as white as this picture lets on. Just the border was added.
I love it.

Swimming. Finally Swimming.

The second littlest girl in the family.
So cute.

I just fell in LOVE with this bridge.

All the girls in the family minus cousin Sarah!
Angela, Alisha, Veronica, Laura, Michaela, me, and Ashley!

And... representing the 1/2 boys... PETER! Or as I call him Peanut, because he's really allergic to them (:
We just missed Shane.

It was a pretty fantastic day actually.
I love my family and all the crazy kids.
I just hope I won't have to wait years to see them again.

FamilyHappiness & Smiles,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finished. Finally FInished.

549 pages.
3 notebooks.
2 1/2 years.
And my 2 best friends, Bffshwtng and Casey, being my most dedicated readers.
Twins are Forever.
Is. Finished.

Proud, Accomplished, and Smiles,

The Lost Vacation Photos.

These are mostly instagram photos I took with the lovely Lola.
Follow me on instagram! Leslieomg. 


Krispy Kreme.



My favorite.




Pretty Scenery.


lobster bisque.

Enough Said.

Why is it raining?

The Launch place.

Space Stuff.

So pretty.

Another Lion shot (:

View from dinner at Busch Gardens.

Florida Sky.

Finally swimming.

Mom's Birthday.

Before the Fireworks.

At the hospital.