Saturday, January 19, 2013

The week from somewhere not pleasant

This week... grrr. This week has been a yucky one.

Pretty normal
Started bio.
Didn't have my lab book yet.

Drove to Portland for classes.
Ballroom. Cancelled.
Nose started running while I waited for my next class.
I forgot tissues so tortured my nose with papertowels.
History lasted 20 minutes so I had to wait until English.
Discovered I bought the wrong books and that I've already read all the books for that class.
A Midsummer's Night Dream.
Romeo and Juliet.
Which is funny because I just got rid of my Dubliners notes a week ago.
Then drove home and realized that I felt awful.
*Cue the sore throat*

Went to work.
Was very grumpy.
Developed a nasty cough.
Slept on the couch.

Stayed home from school.
Played Nancy Drew with Sarah, the brave soul who visited me.
Watched Pitch Perfect.

Lost my voice.
Stayed home from work.
Lost 5 hours.
Watched movies.

Woke up at a miserable 5:15 am.
Went to work.
Still no voice.
Got sent home at 6:40.
Lost 8 hours.

Hoping* next week is better!


Monday, January 7, 2013

A Day of Food

Besides being excited about the One Direction video coming out and being amazing, today I spent all day cooking and baking food.

I made these bar things that turned out pretty well except for the way-too-crumbly bottom part.

Plus, I made dinner.

Mexican lasagna recipe I made up on the spot.
It was pretty good.



So, "Kiss You" the MUSIC VIDEO came out today.

First of all, it's amazing.
Second, everyone is a babe. 
Um, LOUIS?!?!?

And NIALL?!?!




Basically the whole thing is perfect.
And everyone was adorable.



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beauty and the Beast!


So, Kirstin and I headed up to Merrill Auditorium to see her favorite musical BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. And it was in one word Ah.Mazing

We dressed up. We smiled. We ate too much food. It was so fun.

This is what I wore.

And my Christmas gift from my momma.
I got so many compliments on it saying it reminded them of Jackie O and the 60's.

And mother also did my hair for me.


Set the magical stage here where I was so enchanted by those talking objects, clinking mugs, and parade-like numbers. Steamers flew out of trumpets during "Be Our Guest"
Of course, one of my friends-Benjamin- played Beast before and I must say I was more smitten by his rendition of "If I can't love her". And Lumiere was excellent-though not as hilarious as my friend Jesse who carried the character with such fire that made his performance incredible.

After the dazzling performance (I finally found a a Belle I liked) we headed to L.L.Bean to have someone take our picture.

We, uh, had some fun in the sledding department.

then went home on our merry way.
It was absolutely SPECTACULAR!
And well worth the money.


(We were also in 5th row orchestra for this one... so it made a difference.)


Friday, January 4, 2013

I fancy {District 3} Friday

Alright. I SORT OF* watch(ed) the UK's X-factor. On youtube. Sometimes.
I have been keeping up with all the acts (Ella? Why did she go home again?)
And boooy do I find someone adorable.
Or shall I say... BOOOOYS.

Greg. Dan. Micky.

of course I already have a favorite, aka, the goofball Mickey.

And Dan

And Greg

They're all just so adorable (And age appropriate. And British)

Plus, they pull off suspenders so adorably and can sing like little angels.

Oh yeah. For them to meet you. Fall in love with you. ETC.
Don't worry. I'm not holding my breath or anything, it's just One Direction I'm holding on for <3 p="p">
HappyFriday & Smiles,

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chapter 9 {LYTD}

Okay. So, I've been putting this post off for a while.
Alright, a LOOOOOOONG while.
Why? Because for me it is wildly inappropriate.
Like, I was gagging and being squeamish and having Leslie seizures because it was so difficult for me to write.
Honestly, it's not even that bad.
I will be the first to tell you...

So... if you know me well, don't think of badly... or SKIP over a certain section.
 Rant over.
I was trying to talk myself out of posting it the entire time, but grr.

^That's how I feel.
Here you go.

Chapter 9

            When Sam dropped me off in front of my house, I kissed him goodbye and expected this huge welcoming party. But, to my surprise, no one was home. I unlocked the door and went to my room, throwing my stuff on the floor and collapsing onto my comfortable bed. Wow, compared to motel rooms and the Impala’s reclining seats, this baby was gold. I stayed there for a while, waiting for the car to pull up at any moment. It didn’t. I went downstairs and grabbed some cereal, then put on the tv and watched Disney reruns for about an hour. It was weird being just… alone. By myself. With no one around. I was so used to being around Sam or the guys, I never had alone time. Probably because I didn’t like it.
I went outside into the cooling Massachusetts breeze and walked over to her house. I knocked, and Caitlyn opened the door. She was on the phone, holding Emma, and looking distressed. She held out the baby for me. Great, I was stuck holding Emma again. She gave me the one second finger and started yelling at the phone. “I don’t care Chris! You’re not going to come visit her… she doesn’t need a father that comes and goes. Either you’re here or you’re not… obviously you’re not… oh, really? You want to play that card…?” She stormed up the stairs and gave her room a slam. I was still holding Emma. “Hey Emma!” I cooed. “At least someone missed me.” She gave me little kisses. I sat there, holding the baby for a while when Anna walked in. “Brooke?” she jumped, taking Emma from me and putting her on the couch to bounce while she hugged and squeezed me. “Oh my god! I’ve missed you so much! Tell me everything. What you did. Where you went…”
“Anna, calm down” I put my hand on her shoulder. “I texted you like every day.”
“I know, but I still missed you. Did anything else happen since I last talked to you?”
“Um…” I flipped over my wrist, which was completely healed now, and she gasped.
“You got a TATTOO?!”
I laughed. “Yeah.”
“Like a week or two ago.”
“St. Paul, Minnesota.”
“Oh. My. God. Your mom is going to kill you.”
“Not if she doesn’t find it…”
“It’s on your wrist, Brooke. She’ll find it. She’s a mother.”
“Calm down. It’s not that big of a deal. It was this or my belly button pierced.”
She raised her eyebrows at me. “Sam’s idea.” I assured.
We sat down and she took Emma into her lap and played with her while we talked all about the trip. I wasn’t going to mention what happened between Sam and I because, well, it was between Sam and I. I didn’t need to give her and Brian another reason for me not to date him.
My phone rang and I answered. It was mom. “Brooke, where are you?” she asked.
“Come home.”
I stood up. “My mom wants me to go home, so I’ll see you later.”
“Yep!” she hugged me and I said by to Emma. “I missed you Bee,”
“Missed you too, A.”

At home, no one pulled out the stops for me. Dad and Haley were sitting on the couch, watching a tv show. “Hey,” I said. Dad waved. “Hey, how was the trip?”
“Any cute boys?” Haley asked, winking.
“None but my own.”
Mom practically smothered me in a hug and kissed my cheek. “My baby is home!” she screamed.
“Hey mom.”
“Come and eat dinner! Tell me everything!”
So we sat down and had some left over Cracker Barrel that was in the fridge. How homey.

                        *                                  *                                  *

I was so hungry. I needed coffee. Clearly, I wasn’t back on East Coast time. It was three in the morning and I was wide awake. I walked downstairs and grabbed some cereal, putting on a pot of coffee for myself. I looked at the mail on the table; there was a pile for me. College, college, college, college, college. I was going to Boston University in the fall, so it wasn’t a huge jump and Anna was going to be at Boston College with Brian, so basically I’d only be moving location, but nothing else. All of these other colleges I got accepted into could kiss my ass; I wasn’t leaving home. University of Maine, University of Tennessee, UCLA; all of them could forget it. I was going to BU, so I don’t why they kept sending me things.
“What are you doing up?” mom asked, coming into the kitchen.
“I’m still on west coast/midstate timelines. It’s like… midnight in California. I’m thirsty.”
“You and your coffee.” She smiled. “I remember when you had your first cup full cup when you were eight. After that, it became your only addiction.”
“I know. I love it.”
She sighed. “I’m glad you had a good trip, Brooke. I missed you.”
“I missed you too, mom.”
“And you got into no trouble I assume?”
Yeah mom, let’s go with that. “Not really.”
My pot of coffee was finished and I poured a cup. “Want one?”
“Sure, I’ll go put on a movie.”
I brought her the cup and we sat down and watched The Switch with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman. I told her a little bit about Nick and Matt and Kendall and showed her some pictures that we took with our cell phones and that Nick printed for me before he left St. Paul. But, finally, when I was just about ready to call it a night I stretched up in my chair, signaling my tiredness. “What is that?” mom asked.
I looked at her, puzzled. “What’s what?”
“That,” she pointed. “On your wrist.”
She looked right at my tattoo and got up to inspect the inscription, ‘Love is all you need’. “It’s nothing really-“
“Is this a tattoo?” she crossed her arms expectantly and stared at me, waiting for an answer.
“Well… yes, but…”
“But? Brooke Natalie Zamrock, you got a tattoo?!”
“Mom, it’s not that big of a deal.”
“It’s not a big deal…” she walked hastily into the kitchen and slammed her fists on the counter. “You’re seventeen. It’s not even legal!”
I looked down. “What were you thinking?” she demanded.
“I wanted it! I wasn’t really thinking.”
She pointed her finger at me. “I bet it was Sam’s idea.”
“Don’t you dare blame this on Sam! He didn’t do anything.”
“Why shouldn’t I, Brooke? He’s been taking you away from us ever since he got his hands on you. I never see you anymore. You’re always with him and now you’re getting tattoos just like him? I’ve had enough; I don’t want you seeing him anymore.” She spat.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me. I don’t want you seeing him.”
“You can’t tell me who I can and cannot see, mom. He’s my boyfriend and I love him.” I couldn’t even believe the words coming out of her mouth. She was going to tell me I couldn’t see Sam? Was she crazy? She had no idea why I got the tattoo; she had no right to judge him for my decision. Who the hell did she think she was?
“Well, that’s just too bad then. As long as you live underneath my roof, you will not see him. You’re on probation. You will not go out, you will not have friends over, you will not do anything.”
I’d take her challenge. “Your roof?” I questioned. “Fuck your roof. Fuck you; I’m gone.”
She looked like she’d been stabbed in the heart. I saw her eyes well up with tears, but I couldn’t look any longer. I stormed to my room, grabbed the still-packed duffle, and slammed the door on the way out. Mom was looking at me. “Brooke…” she said, her voice quivering violently.
I didn’t say a word. I only grabbed my keys, slammed the front door behind me, and ran to my car, not looking back. I drove in silence, unless you count my tears, which were streaming down my face full force. I had just said the words you should never said to a parent and left. I just told my mom off; the woman who gave birth to me. I felt awful, but she wasn’t going to threaten me under her roof if I wasn’t there anymore. She couldn’t.
I bawled all the way over to the apartment and climbed the stairs in a fury. I pounded on the door and a very groggy Scott opened it. “…Brooke?” he asked, rubbing his eyes. He didn’t say anything else, only going back towards Sam’s room and entering. He passed out on the couch on the way back and a very sleepy but worried Sam ran to the door. “Brooke, what’s wro-“
I looked at him hungrily and shoved my lips against his, shutting the door behind me. I didn’t need him to say anything. I didn’t need him to do anything at all. I just needed him to kiss me back. I just needed him to love me. “Brooke.” He pulled away. I just whispered ‘sssh’ and continued. I opened his teeth with the tip of my tongue and everything went to hell from there. I knew I had him at will’s call. He hoisted me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist and he carried me to his bedroom, almost slamming me against the wall after he shut the door. His lips were in a fury; I was in a hurry to get him where I wanted him.
I put my arms up and he removed my tank top very quickly, throwing it behind him. He took his lips from mine and moved them everywhere. He grazed them along my jaw and down to my neck, finally moving to my collar bone. I could feel how excited he was through my shorts and I moaned in response to his lips. I didn’t think one spot on my body could give me so much pleasure, but it did. His lips were fiery and fierce and they were oh-so-amazing. I let my eyes roll to the back of my head as he lifted me from the wall and onto his bed. We eased off my shorts together and I pulled down at his hair, making him look directly at me.
His eyes were like fireworks, even in the dark. They were so intense it was blinding. He kissed me even hungrier than before, if that was humanly possible. His tongue was tracing patterns and causing sparks in my mouth as I sucked in a breath and braced my hands on his chest, pushing him backwards a little bit. He removed his mouth from mine and ventured further south with his kisses going between my chest and onto my stomach. He kissed there for a while, tracing what was left of my ‘cute’ tattoo with his tongue. It sent shivers down my spine and made me want him even more.
I tugged his waist band with my thumbs and he took this as a sign to remove them to reveal his boxers. He took this as a sign to reach to my back, tug on my hair, and unhook my bra. I took this as a sign that it was time. It was time for me to finally be number five. I gave him a second to gather himself and then pulled at the waist band of his boxers. He took this as a sign and… well, he stopped. What the hell? Why did he stop?
I tried to bring his lips back to mine again, but the fire was gone. He leaned back. “Fuck. Brooke, stop.”
“What?” was he seriously stopping now?
“I’m seriously going to fucking regret this tomorrow morning. But… please. I don’t want it to happen like this. You’re upset. You’re tired.”
“I’m horny.”
He chuckled. “I’ve already figured that one out, babe. But... please… can we just… cuddle?” Sam just asked if I wanted to… cuddle? Was he joking?
I sat up, reaching for my shirt with my jaw clenched, a little pissed off. He threw me one of his band tees and I put it on while he put his bottoms back on. I was crying now. The floodgates were opened again and I was sobbing. Sam sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to pull me into his lap but I refused. “What’s so wrong with me?” I blurted.
“Nothing’s wrong with you, Brooke. You’re perfect.”
“Then why won’t you have sex with me?” I cried.
Sam winced at this question and took a breath out of his nose, attempting to explain this carefully. "It’s not that I won’t. I am more than willing, trust me. But, you don’t seem like you actually want to have sex with me right now. Your body sure as hell does, but something’s wrong, I can tell.” He moved back into his bed so he was sitting on his side.
“I just wanted to be number five.” I pouted.
He found my chin and raised it gently to look at his eyes in the dark. “In due time, love,” I sighed and gave in, crawling over to where he was seated and cuddled into his chest. He took my wrist and rubbed circles over my tattoo softly. “Now, what the hell is wrong?”
“My mom.”
“Already?” he asked. “You just got home… ten hours ago.”
“I know. She said that I can’t be with you anymore.”
His eyes widened and he held me back so he could look at me, his face in shock. “What?”
“She said that I can’t be with you anymore.” I repeated.
“I heard what you said Brooke. What the fuck does she mean we can’t be together?”
“She said that as long as I was living under her roof, that I couldn’t see you.”
He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to process this. “Fuck,” he swore, cradling me even closer to him and kissing my forehead. “I won’t let her take you from me.” He said quietly.
He continued massaging my wrist and my back until I fell asleep in his arms.

When I woke up, I was in the same position as I was when we fell asleep. Sam was sleeping peacefully beside me with his arm under me and I reached up to kiss him on his cheek. He opened his eyes slowly and made morning noises. “Good morning,” he smiled sideways at me. He looked ridiculously adorable from my angle. “Morning,” I yawned. He shook out his arm as I moved to release it. “Fuck, my arm hurts.”
“You could have moved it…”
“I didn’t want to move you. I know you don’t sleep well.”
“Well, thanks, but I was pretty much out of it.”
“So last night wasn’t some amazingly elaborate dream?” he asked.
“Nope. It was real.” And kind of embarrassing, now that I thought about it.
“So I really didn’t have sex with you by my own choice?”
I nodded and he banged his head jokingly on his headboard. “Fuck my life.”
I lied back down and kissed his nose. “Thank you, though. I really needed it.”
He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” but then he pulled me back into him and kissed me softly, gaining intensity with each dip down into my mouth. I’m pretty sure he was trying to pick up where he left off, but I was too much in an I-love-my-boyfriend-for-not-being-a-pig-and-taking-advantage-of-me-when-I-was-vulnerable state of mind.
“I need coffee.” I stated.
“Of course you do.”
We got up and I put my shorts back on. “Um, Sam, would it be a problem if I stayed here for a few days? I really don’t think my mom wants to see me.”
He faux-thought about this, scratching his chin and pursing his lips before he brought me into a hug. “Um… well… no. Not at all. We would love to have you.”
“Thanks,” I kissed him.
I got my duffle from my car and changed into my clothes so we could walk down to starbucks. While we were sitting, his left eyebrow was twitching. “What’s up?” I asked.
“Your left eyebrow; you’re trying to decide something…what is it?”
He nodded his head and clapped his hands in front of face like he had a proposition. “Okay. I was thinking. About what you said last night about your mom. Well… I know it’s kind of early in our relationship and your mom doesn’t like me. But, I figure that you’re going to school here anyway and it won’t be such a drive and I wanted to wait until your birthday but-“
“Sam,” I put my hands over his on the table and looked at him straight in the eye. “What is it?”
“I want you to move in with me.”
I almost spit out my coffee. “What?”
“Why pay for room and board if you have a home to go to?”
“You want me to move in with The Debate?”
“No, no!” he shook his head frantically, smiling all the same. “I want to get our own place. Just you and me.”
“Seriously?” He just asked me if I wanted to move in with him? To Boston? How would we afford this? How would my parents take this? How would his parents take this? How would Anna and Brian take this? How would I take this?
“Yeah. I mean, I’m with you almost every single second of every single day. You spend half of your week at my place. Why not save gas?”
“You want me. To move in. With you.”
“Yes!” He laughed, getting excited. “I was going to ask you for your birthday anyway, but with what happened yesterday with your mom, why not just move it up a few weeks? Brooke, I love you,” he said. “And I can’t imagine living with anyone else. Please, will you move in with me?”
I thought about this for about two seconds. “Yes!” I smiled.
He beamed back at me and kissed me over the table, getting up and yelling to the rest of starbucks. “Fuck yes, everybody, she’s moving in with me!”
Everyone just looked at him like he was mad, because he was, but they smiled and went on with their days.

                        *                                  *                                  *

After two days of me staying with the boys, my sister called me. Sam was in the shower, and the boys were out somewhere so I just sat on the couch. “Brooke! What are you doing? Go back home!” Tara practically shouted into my ear.
“No? What do you mean no?
“As in, no, I don’t want to go back home.”
“Mom’s a wreck, Bee. You need to go make things right.”
“Tara, I’m moving in with Sam.” I told her.
She was quiet for a moment, longer than Tara’s probably ever been quiet in her life. Her breathing shifted and she spoke unevenly. “Why are you doing this to mom?” she asked.
“Tee, it’s practical anyways. Even if mom and I were totally fine, he was going to ask me anyways. I’m going to college here so any chance we can get by cutting the rent will help.”
“But, she’s so upset. Don’t you care about her? She’s your mother.”
“And she also told me I couldn’t be with the guy I love. Tara, what if she told you that you couldn’t be with Daniel?” I asked. “Huh? What would you do?”
She sighed. “Okay, fine; I would have gone to Daniel’s house.”
“But you broke her heart. You should at least go back to tell her you’re moving out before she finds out from someone else.”
“Well I will.”
“Yes. I promise. I’ll go home later and tell her I’m moving out.”
“You should bring Sam with you. Maybe you guys can have dinner.”
“Mom practically hates Sam.”
“All the more reason to get him to go. If not for mom, do it for me? The pregnant mother of a baby?” No, Tara, the pregnant mother of a dragon. Sometimes my sister…
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever Tara. I’ll call her.”
“Thank you.”

I stared at my phone for a long time. Sam came out of the shower, got dressed, and ate a snack while I was still staring at it. “Um, babe?” he called, sitting next to me on the couch. “You know you need to dial, right?”
I nodded.
“Who are you calling?”
“My mother.”
He scrunched up his face. “Why the hell would you do that?”
“Tara thinks we should tell her I’m moving in before she hears it from someone else. She thinks we should have a dinner.”
“A dinner?”
“I know. It sounds utterly awful, but I think Tara’s right. At least I can tell her to her face that I don’t want to live with her anymore.”
“Well, if it means I get some leeway with her… I’ll go if I have to.”
I kissed him once and smiled. “You are the best boyfriend ever.”

I called the house, but dad answered instead, so I made arrangements to come over with Sam around five. I texted Anna about what was going on.

Brooke: Anna, don’t tell my mom. I’m moving out.
Anna: WHAT?!?!
Brooke: Sam asked me to move in with him.
Anna: And you said yes?!
Brooke: Yeah. We’re going to start looking for apartments asap.
Anna: I hope you know what you’re getting into.
Brooke: I do, A.
Anna: Okay.

Hm… as soon as I texted her, I felt as if I should have told her in person. To add to my list of shitty things I was: shitty daughter and now shitty best friend. Awesome. I better not add shitty girlfriend to the mix.

Dinner was… quiet to say the least. My mom could barely look at me while Sam kept finding my hand under the table for a squeeze. I definitely needed it, but I wasn’t sure if he should have come. I should be the one to break the news to her. I should be the one to break her heart even further. But, Sam took my silence as a means to speak up. He cleared his throat. “Sir, Mrs. Zamrock.” he looked at them. “I totally respect the fact that you are so concerned about your daughter. She hasn’t been around much because of our tour and when she is home, she’s usually talking to me. I understand the fact that you worry, and I just wanted you to know that you shouldn’t. I love your daughter very much, and with her going to college in Boston soon, I asked her if she wanted to move in with me.”
My mom practically dropped her fork. He continued. “She’s accepted and I just wanted to let you guys know so that you didn’t find out from someone else.”
Dad nodded his head. “Sounds reasonable.”
“Reasonable? She’s seventeen, Paul. She’s not moving out.”
“Diane. Can’t you see how much he cares for her? He’ll take good care of her.”
She got up and slammed her plate on the table, going back into the kitchen. “Um… should I?” I looked to my father for advice.
Dad nodded and I went into the kitchen. I heard dad turn to Sam and asked. “So what were you thinking for a place?”
Mom was leaned against the counter, sobbing. “Mom…” I said gently.
“Brooke. Why are you doing this to me?” she cried. “Tara’s gone and I’m going to lose you too?”
“Mom, I was going away for college anyway.”
“But… now you’re going to live with him?
I was insulted. “What’s so wrong about him mom? He takes care of me. He loves me. Why do you hate him?”
“I don’t want you to end up like me!” she shouted.
“Sam is just like your father. Look where that got us. For years your father was sick and drunk. He was just like Sam was. He was protective. He got into fights. And then… he suddenly started drinking and he wasn’t the same man I married.”
“You also had a baby.”
“So? We were still your age. I don’t want you to have that. I want better for you!”
I felt like she stabbed me in the back. “So now Sam’s not good enough for me?” I narrowed my eyes and hissed. “You know what mom? I’ve tried to understand that you were just being my mom and that you just wanted to protect me from getting hurt. But now you’re just hurting me by holding me back. I don’t understand you anymore. I am moving in with him, whether you like it or not. So, get the fuck over it. ”
I stormed out of the kitchen, grabbing Sam’s hand on my rush by. “Let’s go.” I said.
“Is everything okay, Bee?” dad asked.
“Super, dad. Just super.”
Sam stood up swiftly and thanked my dad. “See you around, sir.”
“See ya, Sam.”
I pulled him along with me to the car and got in it in a huff. I started crying as soon as I closed the door. “I fucking hate her.” I said.
Sam wrapped his arms around me and held me close to his heart. “Hey, hey, don’t cry. Baby, you’re fine. Look,” he lifted my chin so my teary eyes were staring at his. “You’ve got me, right? You’ll be fine.”
“I know, but I keep saying these awful things to her.” I wiped my nose with the back of my hand. “They just kind of come out because I’m so mad at her. I don’t get why she doesn’t want us together.”
“Maybe she’s secretly in love with me.” He did this to try and make me laugh, but I didn’t really feel like laughing. He held my hand and put the car into drive back to his apartment, where I would just snuggle and cry the rest of the day.

                        *                                  *                                  *

We found a few really nice places around town right off the bat. There were a few nice places along the Charles, but each had its fault. Sam and I would have had to invest money in plumbing, renovating, and the rent which was way too high for us. We looked all over town in all the Ends you could think of until we found this Brick apartment building with a whole bunch of other buildings around it. It wasn’t in the middle of town, but it was only about a five minute walk from all of our favorite places to eat. We went up the three flights of stairs to the apartment and took in the surroundings. It wasn’t too kept up but it wasn’t falling apart. The walls were wallpapered yellow and the doors were a sturdy oak.
When we opened it, I pretty much fell in love with it. Sam could see it in my face and the way I squeezed his hand. The landlord was talking to him about price and upkeep and rules in this apartment while I explored. The first thing you saw when you opened the doors was a living room straight ahead. It was small, but that’s what he and I needed; nothing big if it was only the two of us. All the walls were my favorite exposed brick with a few accent walls of color to make it pop. There was no furniture, so I walked straight through the living room and saw the bedroom. It didn’t have an actual shutting door; only a giant archway from the living room to the bedroom and it was cute as can be. Pretty much the perfect size for us, with a bathroom and a decent size closet to the left side of the room. The accent wall was blue; kind of like Sam’s room but a little darker, and I just saw his bed fitting perfectly.
The kitchen was directly to the left of the living room, so it was pretty much an open studio apartment, and I looked at all the cabinets. No coffee maker.
The landlord said he’d give us some time. “Well?” Sam smiled at me, taking it all in.
“How much is it?”
“How much do you like it?” he countered.
“I love it. Seriously, like… did you see the bedroom? It’s perfect. Hardwood floors… it’s gorgeous.”
“Kind of like you,” he pulled me into a kiss. “Ray’s got a pretty good price on it. He says it’s a safe neighborhood, not too pricey if I get another job for the winter, and… the blood stains came out!” He said this cheerfully. I just stared at him. “I’m kidding. Jesus, Brooke. Kidding. Calm down.”
I chuckled. “Well I’ve told you what I thought, what do you think?”
“I like it.”
“Does it feel homey for you?”
“Anywhere with you feels homey.”
I smacked his shoulder. “Seriously, what do you think?”
“I think… I think we should take it. Honestly, it’s not a bad deal. It’s pretty close to all the stores and stuff.”
“Okay.” I smiled.    
“You sure hunny?” This wasn’t a very Sam thing to say, but I took it anyways. It made me feel like we were really in this together. His hunny. A couple.
“Yep. I’m sure.”
So with that… we bought our first apartment. Sam got his security deposit from the bank and I called Tara. “We bought it.” I said.
“Bought what?”
“The apartment. Sam and I, we bought an apartment. Remember…?”
“Oh yeah! Is it nice?”
“Yeah, it’s adorable. But… that is not what I called to ask you about.”
“What is it?”
“I think I might need some money.”
“…How much?” Since Daniel was practically a bazillionaire, I thought it might be okay. I certainly wasn’t going to ask mom and dad; they didn’t have the money anyway.
“Enough so that I can at least help with the furniture and food and stuff. I’m getting a job soon, but with my loans that are going to start piling up, and my damn bank account being closed until I’m eighteen, I just don’t want all the pressure to be on Sam.”
“Did you talk to him?”
“Well… no. But… it still wouldn’t hurt to have some.”
“Baby sister. Talk to him about it, okay? Open communication is the success to a healthy relationship.”
“Fine, fine. But will you consider it?”
“Already considered.”
“Talk to him about it.”
And that was the end of that.
Charlie and the boys wanted to take us out for our last dinner together actually living in their apartment. Charlie actually got his own room now, so now everyone would have a place to sleep. Sean was sharing a room with Charlie, since we were bringing Sam’s bed to our new place and they were getting dorm style twin beds. I was surprised they weren’t getting bunks.
Charlie held up his glass of juice. “Alright. I propose a toast to our dear friends Sam and Brooke. Thanks Brooke, for taking away our boy and making us pay more rent.” Then he added, “just kidding. And thanks Sam for making all those years of sleeping on the couch finally come to an end. Though we’ll miss you dearly, we’ll appreciate the room.”
We all clinked glasses. “Thanks, Charlie, for that heartfelt toast.” I smiled.
Scott was practically already drunk, and he was drinking water. I had no clue what this guy’s thing was. Maybe he always just acted drunk without actually being drunk. Like Captain Jack Sparrow. “And I thank you for leaving so Sammy here doesn’t yell at me when I walk in on them makin’ out or when she comes over in the middle of the night.”
Sam blushed and I squeezed his hand. “I thank you guys for always welcoming me. I think of you all like brothers.”
They ‘awwed’ and toasted to that.
“I thank you guys for not being the worst roommates on the Earth and putting up with me and listening to me run my fucking mouth sometimes.” Sam declared.
“Cheers!” We all clinked glasses and finished our dinner at the diner. Classy, right?
After that, Sam and the boys tried getting Sam’s heavier furniture over to the apartment in a friend’s borrowed truck while I searched for things of Sam’s around the old place to pack in a box. He didn’t have much lying around, so I took my Prius and went over to my house; no one was home. I let myself in and went upstairs and emptied out my drawers and little knickknacks lying around. I took my favorite pillow and my stuff in the bathroom and put it in a box and drove back to our new place.
The guys were all lying on Sam’s bed in our room that was in the middle of the floor, exhausted. I went into the bedroom and smiled. “Wow, what an exciting orgy.” Sam patted the bed and I placed the box of stuff down so I could go lie with them. “You guys really know how to have fun.”
“We’re just laying around waiting for you to show up, Brooke. This bed was really heavy,” Charlie said. “We all want to go to sleep. So… enjoy your bed. But not too much.”
I rolled my eyes and so did Sam. “Not that it’s any of your business.” He said before he shut them out and locked the door with the three locks. We both kind of looked around at the empty space. “Dude, this place is fucking ours!” He cheered.
“I know! It’s crazy. I don’t even need to walk around with pants on anymore.”
Sam eyed me curiously and smiled deviously. “I think I’m going to like living with you.”
I took of my shirt and threw it on the ground and did the same with my shorts; strutting to the bedroom. I fake yawned, “God, I’m so damn tired. Looks like I’ll just have to get into my bed.”
Our bed,” Sam corrected, coming in the room and shedding his shirt and cargo shorts.
My bed.” I beamed, spreading my arms out and taking up the entire bed. He gently tried to push me out of his way but I didn’t budge. He just had to take advantage of this moment to kiss my belly button and the stomach surrounding it. I laughed and finally moved over. We didn’t have any sheets on the bed yet, so I had to cuddle into him, even though it was still August and still pretty warm. He kissed me once and I heard him fall asleep really quickly after that. I got up and turned the lights off. We didn’t have any shades yet, so I knew I had better get to sleep fast before it got light outside.
Before the first morning of our “new life” began.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Thing Jars

I do believe I got this idea from Live! With Kelly and Michael.
So I thought that for a New Year's project, Sarah and Casey and I would make them.

Basically, the idea is to take an empty jar, decorate it however you'd like, and then everytime something good happens to you in the year, you write it on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar.
At the end of the year you open the jar, count your blessings, and see how many good things have happened in said year.

We did this.

We started out here.

And MINE looked like THIS.

And Sarah's!

^ insert picture of us here!

 And finally Casey's

And they all looked like THIS together.

And I put my first "good thing" inside!

We had so much fun making them.
And they are very "Us" as in they are distinctive of our personalities.

Here's to a 2013 filled with "Good Things"