Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Favorite Albums of my 18 years Fabulous 7

In preparation for the 2013 Summer Roadtrip with Bffshwtng (Booked our hotels! Possess both our One Direction and Newsies tickets! SO EXCITED!) I've been thinking a lot about music.
A lot of this has to do with my obsession with mixed cds.
Yes, I mean obsession. 
I am constantly thinking about what songs go with what theme.
And a lot of the themes match the tone of my favorite bands/albums.
Most notably Boys Like Girls, because they are my favorite. band. ever. 

Anyway, to be a favorite album of mine, you need to be near-perfect, if not flawless.
Meaning, there's not one song on these albums that I skip over because they are all so magical and amazing.


1. Boys like Girls, Boys like Girls
2. Hunter Hayes, Hunter Hayes 
3.The Cab, Symphony Soldier
4. One Direction, Up All Night
5. This Providence, Who are you now?
6. This Century, Sound of Fire
7. Cute is What We Aim For, Rotation


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  1. The Maine is one of my favorites. I love the post where it was all about John O. He is my celebrity crush. I would love for him to sing to me. :) One Direction is slowly creeping up on me...I guess I like them. :D My friends make fun on me for it, but oh well; they make good music and are really cute. My all time favorite would have to be the Goo Goo Dolls. Hands down.