Monday, May 27, 2013

It almost rained and then it didn't

Okay. So Bffshwtng and I finally got together to just hang out this week.
We were supposed to have a whole slew of fun on Monday with a photoshoot and all, but.... like the rest of the week, it rained. We had about 5 or 6 days of straight rain and gloominess that would put the happiest of lads in a depression.
My depression mostly comes from the fact that my SKIN hasn't seen the light of day in QUITE A LONG FEW MONTHS. 
And also I was recovering from a *cough cough* sickness.

Anyway, on Thursday she came over for our usual day and we watched  Alice, the lovely little series where I discovered my first I Fancy Friday. Andrew-Lee Potts. 
Then we went out a did a photoshoot and chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn inside a pie crust (delicious!)

So, here are some of our {FRIENDSHIP PHOTOS}

My beautiful SARAH (:



Monday, May 13, 2013


I am Free from USM until next fall. where I have 5 classes INCLUDING choir <3 p="">

I'm finally getting around (A month and a half later) to posting the wedding pictures simply because school and work has taken up my whole life. But I am done. Free.

So here are the wedding pictures.
 I got to walk my mom down the aisle.

 I got to cry my eyes out when my mom sang the same song she sang at their wedding in 1988 (I think)

 The Sand Ceremony where we all (Me, all the Exchange siblings, and mum and dad) put our favorite colors to represent everyone. It turned out like....

I'm the bright pink on the mid-bottom in between the dark and bright red.

Just after this I broke my toe (ALMOST HEALED!)

My sisters Estefany and Anne.

 All the siblings minus Jiyeon (:

 The Wedding party


Cousins. And princesses. By birth :D

Me and daddy during out father daughter dance :)

See? Finally got around to it.
AND with it being the summer and all, check back more often because I'm hoping to reinstate I Fancy Friday, a little bit of random writings, and of COURSE the adventures of me and my best friends this summer.

SummerVacationLove & Smiles,