The story of "Us"

Once upon a time, there were two people.
There was one named Leslie(me!) and one named Sarah(BFFSHWTNG!).
It was the first day of school; freshman orientation, and I had Women's Chorale 2nd period on blue days with Ms.Poppke. When I entered the room, I knew absolutely no one except Ms. Poppke and Sarah Patterson. I had taken voice lessons with Poppke for two years prior and been best friends with Patterson in 1st and 2nd grade, until she moved.
So, while we're sitting there in our little seats on the risers, and we are sharing a little bit about ourselves, I see this girl, and I think she looks... strange.
Her name is Sarah Wing.
Over the next few months we got closer because she moved from a soprano to a mezzo and sat mext to me when Becca dropped the class.
Not long after that did we become the BEST of friends.
And it happened in an unlikely circumstance.
We were practicing for an audition for our Community Little Theatre's production of Grease, and we had to practice songs. I chose "Till there was You," from The Music Man, and she chose "My Favorite Things," from The Sound of Music.
The practice went well... until her boyfriend called.
(His name is Chris and we are actually really close friends with him now, but I NEVER thought they should be together. She was nice, sweet, and pretty and he was... not.)
So, he texted her and started calling her these terrible names and saying she's a terrible person, blah, blah, jerklike stuff like that. And I immediately took her home to my house. She'd never been there before, but I wasn't going to let Chris destroy my brand new friend. So she cried, I comforted her...
and BOOM!
We become best friends.
Next thing you know, we go EVERYWHERE together.
We are inseparable. We take pictures every day and my summer becomes filled with Sarah Wing.

^Football Game. 2009.

We went to Funtown Splashtown with her and my other best friend at the time, Rachel.

 I took her on my birthday to the Portland Sea Dogs Game(and again the next summer) because they happened to be playing my favorite AA baseball team, the New Britain Rock Cats on my birthday, July 3 :D
 We seriously had pimples in the exact oposite place on our faces on my birthday :O

Then there was my mommy. I convinced Sarah to get her hair cut, because it was WAAAYY too long. And so she listened, went to my mom, and got the most incredible transformations i've ever seen.

^ The NEW HAIR!!! :D

Next came 2010.
The year of: James, Sophomore Year, Adam, Spirit week, an EPIC black/white photo shoot, and beach days galore! cooking, writing and DRIVING :O

There is one thing I can count on my best friend to be honest about. My writing. She read the first novel I ever wrote Painting Sunshine, plus the series of 7 books I have The Lexa Reeve Series(based on what would of happened on that 15th birthday if I had gone the rebel route. Get it? Leslie Reed, Lexa Reeve?) and also the biggest book I ever wrote. A FULL Length 378 page novel, Friends with Benefits. She even supports all the ones I'm writing now, Love you to Death. He Loves Me, Boys may come and go but Twins are forever, one about Quints, one about eyes. yeah, i write a lot of books. :D

In 2010 I also went on three trips without her :(
School Chamber Singer's trip to Washington D.C. and my family's trip to Disney, and Allstates!
(Now I know these look irrelevent to me and SarBear's relationship, but the point is, even though I had a lot of fun with my other friends, I texted Sarah almost ever second of every minute of everyday and it would have been better if she was there!)


I got my license, she got her permit. The beach. Just good times.

District II. Virginia Beach. All State. District II Jazz. Made our trio of Best friends into a 4 way friendship!
Graduation. Florida. Orientation. Concerts galore. Starting College.

June 1, 2012

 On Vacation in Florida <3

Concerts Galore.

A Rocket to the Moon. The Maine. The Postelles. The Cab. Katelyn Tarver. Mayday Parade.    All American Rejects. The Ready Set. Boys Like Girls (HANDS DOWN. BEST TIME EVER) Bonaventure. Austin Gibbs.

What's on schedule for 2013?

Oh... I don't know...

 on June 26th, 2013 we are going to see....


And there's a roadtrip in the works.

I love her.

The Moral of this story  is that Sarah and I have a friendship that is made from the
 recipe of epicness.

{How to have a best friendship}
One part Sparkles. One part laughter. One part One Direction. One part music. One part support. One part smiles. One part cooking. One part Peaches. One part Adventure. One part dreams. One part Unicorns. One part photoshoots. One part loudness. One part honesty. One part Mixed cds. One part Chocolate. All parts Love & Adoration.

Instructions: Gather the ingredients. Throw them in a glittery bowl. Add together and mix in a dance-like fashion. Don't forget to sing while stirring. Then, bake at 350 degrees for 4 years. While you're waiting, plop on the couch, pop in a movie like: Leap Year, Easy A, or Life as We Know it. When it it is finished, clean your car out, put your emergency backpack in the back seat, hop in and go on a road trip and sing with the windows rolled down. Then do your handshake and hug.
Delicious, right?

Best. Friends. Forever. Since. Half. Way. Through. Ninth. Grade.

I love my Pegasus, and she loves her Hercules :)



  1. As long as you hate Twilight, Its all good! This is probable the most beautiful story I have ever read about a chick I don't know!

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  2. This is totally cool! I love this. This is what best friends are for no matter what is going on in life you can always count on them! I totally love it! :)

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